We’re Back!

Posted by Heidi on November 23, 2008

That's Weird Grandma

I know monkey fan, I know. It’s been a hard three weeks without “That’s Weird, Grandma” to spice up your Monday nights. But never fear! The show is back, and we’re not taking another break for months and months.

There’s a great runlist for this week’s show, as you can see we’re starting to work some holiday stories into the mix. By the time we get to the special holiday matinee (December 20th, buy your tickets early!) all your favorites should be back.

Buy your tickets online for this or any other week. As a special welcome back from hiatus, use the secret code “Hans the turkey” for a two-for-one discount. 

In other news, this week we welcome back our former House Manager Jon Quinn, who spent the last six months working on a campaign. Luckily his efforts paid off, and we’re thrilled he’s back in Chicago for a while and promise not to make him fold too many programs.

Full running order after the jump.

That’s Weird, Grandma: Monday, November 24th

Santa’s Mean Day
Untitled (2 Preachers, Cows)
Going to the Party
It Was a Cold Day
Untitled (BMX Bikers)
Golf Scorpions
I Remember (Sox Game)
Untitled (OMG I found My Sister’s Friend)
I am a Teddy Bear / I am a Child
Untitled (Ouija Board)
The Magician
The Dance of Yousail
Away that We Can Have a Paper Slider
A Bad Day

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