Worsts and Bests Celebrated at That’s Weird, Grandma!

Posted by Joe on September 30, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Learn about “the Worst Zoo” and some of the best BBQ at That’s Weird, Grandma on Monday!

buffalo joe's
Check out a persuasive argument exploring the benefits of more BBQ in your life!

Buffalo Joe’s Argument By Jamari J., Dawes Elementary School
I believe people should buy more buffalo joe’s to eat so they can have more juicy (drewling) Delicious bbq chicken and seasoned fries and when they get their juicy (drewling) delicious buffalo joe’s they can just give it to their kids, then the kids can go to their room and watch tv or play video games and then when their done they can go ask their parents to buy some more juicy (drewling) delicious buffalo joe’s. And when they get they are going to get good grades, behave, cut the grass, and wash the dishes, and also wash their laundry. And then they will freak out. And they will freak out because they’ll get more buffalo joe’s then they’ll had more then they had before. THE END.

worst zoo
Discover what makes this the worst zoo!

The Worst Zoo by Danielle T., Poe Classical School
Once there was a zoo that was the worst. You might ask “why is it the worst?” Just ask Serious Sally. Sally will tell you “That zoo has hay everywhere”. But you will say “Stupid, duh there’s hay it’s a zoo”. She will also say there’s animals always out of the cage. You will say “duh, birds that are wild are always out of a cage. And last she is stinky and smelly “duh, all of the animal smells.” You might think she’s crazy or dumb, but the real reason is because, she’s a princess of course. Duh, why else? THE END.

Say “Just ask Serious Sally” to the box office for discounted tickets!

See you at the show!

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