Here comes more Halloween stories!

Posted by Joe on September 24, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Linsey Falls and “The Day it was Halloween” join this Monday’s That’s Weird, Grandma!


The Day it was Halloween by Nakiya B., Super 7 Girls, Cather Elementary School
It was Halloween the day people was scary people on a day a kid went to a Haunted House he knocked on the door and the door when click click then the door opened a a big monster came out and it was big and I long legs so I run as fast as a car till I got home I went upstairs and sat on my bed and went to relax so when I got out my bed the monster was there so I run to my mom and she was not there so I run outside then I saw a ghost and it has a big head like a big pumpkin and then I went to my house again and lock all the doors and window and the monster was at the window so I went upstairs and locked all the windows too so I went in the kitchen and saw the ghost and I got some food and went back upstairs and locked my room door then I ate a candy bar and drink some pop and the next day I unlocked my door and went to my mom’s room and she was there so Halloween passed and I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face and I cut off the sink water and it went like SEPK and I went’ out the bath room and went to the kitchen and got some cereal and ate it and washed my bowl up and when I went up the stairs and my mom was not there so I was so scared I was shaking like like…. THE END.

AND this guy joins the cast!

What could be better!

Say “washed my bowl up” at the box office for discounted tickets!

See you at the show!


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