Zombies Everywhere at That’s Weird, Grandma!

Posted by Gavin on November 3, 2018

That's Weird Grandma

Our students love writing about zombies - in fact, they’re such a common character in the stories we adapt that zombie-related items are a normal part of our costume stock! So, when choosing stories for That’s Weird, Grandma: Ghosts, Ghouls and Talking Potatoes, we knew sketches about these beloved undead creatures were an inevitable part of our line-up.

Here are three that you’ll see when you join us for this Sunday’s closing performance.

1. Zombie Potion

Did you know that IHOP has a Potion Day? We didn’t either, but it’s an integral part of this story by Edwin from Peirce School of International Studies. A group of women decide to go to IHOP for Potion Day - but when they create a zombie potion that their husbands accidentally drink, they soon find themselves with zombie-husbands.

Jen Allman, Lev Caruso, and Mary Tilden performing Zombie Potion during a performance of That's Weird, Grandma in Chicago
At Ihop Women made a zombie potion. Each women made one. They left the potion in the fridge. Their husbands thought it was something to drink and drank it. The husbands turned to zombies . . .

2. Zombie Story

a collage of old-timey choose your own adventure novel covers

Ethan from our Loyola Park After-School Program brings us a choose-your-own-adventure story that ends in the reader either escaping a zombie invasion, getting eaten by zombies, or escaping the zombies but being nuked by the military. To keep to the story’s original form, we adapted it into a game show complete with audience participation and two possible endings.

Which one will you see? It all depends on what you and your fellow audience members tell the contestants to do!

You find a strange man walking in an alley. Do you ... Talk to him? if so go to page 2.  Walk away? If so go to page 3.
You talk to him. He moans and walks towards you. Do you…  walk away? if so go to page 3.  Stay there? if so go to pg 4 . . .

3. Malcolm X and the Zombie and Monster Infection

Jasmine Henri Jordan performing Malcolm X and the Monster and Zombie Apocalyspe during a performance of That's Weird, Grandma in Chicago

Malcolm R. from Dixon Elementary put a twist on history with this story. Malcolm X goes out one day to photograph the zombies and monsters taking over his city, but he ends up in a fight with the creatures. Don’t worry, though - he’s accompanied by his trusty sidekicks Gerald and Jayden as well as an awesome pair of brass knuckles.

There once was a man named Malcolm X. One day Malcolm was taking pictures and recording. There were a lot of zombies and mutated humans (monsters) in the city. Malcolm was not scared at all,not a bit. He was in the military and he went to the bottom of his building. He put on brass knuckles and started punching and fighting.

Sunday is your last chance to catch our cast’s best zombie impressions in this round of That’s Weird, Grandma! It’s our final performance until December, so be sure to get your tickets here.


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